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Heritage Fort Resort In Himachal

Nalagarh was the capital of the kingdom of Hinddur founded by Raja Ajai Chand in 1100 A.D. It was ruled by the Chandela Rajputs. The Chandela kings were great patrons of art and architecture. Raja Ram Chander, another illustrious ruler of the same dynasty, was also a great builder who constructed the Ramgarh Fort (Now renamed as Ramshehar heritage fort resort in Himachal by the present occupants) and the town of Ramshere in 1540 AD.

Raja Surendra Singh was the last ruler of Nalagarh and his son, Raja Vijayendra is the present ceremonial ruler of Nalagarh. The Ramshehar Fort Resort has a series of structures that are mostly built in the Mughal style of architecture but elements of Hindu and even the British architecture cannot be ignored. The Fort is located on a hillock at the foothills of the mighty Himalayas affording a panoramic view of the Shivalik Hills beyond the Sirsa River.

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Camping at Behli Bagh Camping at Behli Bagh

Camping at Behli Bagh

Behli bagh hosts luxurious swiss tents amid lush green valley and thousands of fruit trees. A mini golf course, swimming pool , adventure sports are coming up to cha ...

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